Nothing's Scarier than a Subluxation

Are you an excessively anxious person?  Are you in a perpetual state of worry? Unfortunately, having the constant 'fear of what's lurking under your bed' mentality can be causing the chronic pain you experience in your body almost every day.

According to Hans Selye MD, the well-known author of The Stress of Life, transient anxious states elicit a natural stress response in our bodies.  However, prolonged and persistent levels of anxiety can cause an OVER reaction. Your muscles will become so tight, they unintentionally pull your spine from its axis - creating posture distortions, chronic immobility and potential nerve damage (a.k.a subluxations). That is how constant FEAR causes constant PAIN.

Nothing is scarier than living in a perpetual, subluxated state.  If you know somebody who is suffering with chronic stress, anxiety, and pain, let them know how Chiropractic care can pull them from the darkness of dis-ease into the light of health and happiness. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


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