Once I Go To a Chiropractor I'll Have To Go FOREVER???

This is something that Chiropractors often hear from people in their offices, at family picnics, or at their local pub.  And it is true to a certain extent, but only because it is missing some important information.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Bill and Richard are a couple of college friends that are a few pounds overweight.  They realize spring break is coming up soon and decide they should both set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 3 months.  They start eating fresh healthy foods and join the same gym to push each other. 

In 3 long hard months, Bill and Richard both lost the 20 pounds and are rockin’ their beach bods.  This is where their stories change.

Bill decides to maintain his weight.  He works out to maintain his fitness and eats healthy foods.  Even though Bill binges every once in a while, it is easy for him to maintain.

Richard on the other hand, reached his goals and that was good enough for him.  He stopped working out and eating healthy.  He gained back his weight just as fast as he lost it.

Fast forward one year from when they decided to lose the weight.  It’s 3 months till spring break and it’s time to get in shape again.  Bill, who kept his weight down, is able to easily do this.  Richard however has a long hard 3 months ahead of him again.

At this point in the story, would you rather be Bill or Richard?


How does this have anything to do with Chiropractic?


Most people visit a Chiropractor because they have something needing fixed.  To do this, Chiropractors adjust your spine.  These specific adjustments remove interference from your nervous system so that you can function and heal correctly.  This is usually not accomplished in one visit… Or even two or three.  It takes time to get your body to a state in which it’s free from any interference.  This process is called corrective care.  It requires time and money from the patient.  Both of which are often in short supply.  And this is where the stories change again.

If you are Bill, you will decide to continue what is called maintenance care.  Maintenance care is not as intensive as corrective care and requires far fewer visits… Maybe even just once every couple of months depending on how your body responds.  Plus, you have the benefit of knowing that you’re healthy the whole time.

If you are Richard, you’ll be happy but stop care and not do maintenance care.  What happens though, is your body will eventually revert back to how it was before your corrective care.  Whatever you needed fixed the first time will return.  Guess what happens then.  You will have to go through the corrective care again while your friend Bill is already functioning and healing correctly. 


So no, you don’t have to go to a Chiropractor the rest of your life.  The choice is yours.  But it is a choice that you should make from an educated perspective and not one of fear.

Don’t be like Richard.  Continue your maintenance care.  It will actually save you time, money and your good health in the long run!

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