My Brain is Giving Me The Silent Treatment!

I was at a carnival about a month ago when I saw a kid wearing a shirt that said “My Brain is Giving Me the Silent Treatment.”  It made me chuckle a little which I’m sure is what it was designed to do.  Then it dawned on me… this is a CHIROPRACTIC shirt!!

Let Me Explain:

Your brain is the control center that regulates everything in your body.  As I sit here typing, my brain is controlling my fingers striking the keys.  Your brain is moving your eyes from left to right as you read this AND is interpreting the words at the same time.  This is cool stuff.  Your brain is also where pain was interpreted and recognized this morning when you stepped on your kid’s Lego.  But did you know all of this [movement and pain] only accounts for about 20% of what your brain does?

Your brain controls everything that takes place within your body as well... even if you aren’t think about it.  About 80% of what your brain does on a daily basis is subconscious.

Think about these questions:

  • When was the last time you thought about breathing? (other than now because I asked)

  • Or when was the last time you thought about making your heart beat? And can you control your heartbeat just by thinking about it?

  • Do you know how much bile your gall bladder secreted during your last meal?

Luckily we don’t have to consciously think about these things.  We would all probably be in pretty bad shape if we did.  Your brain regulates your cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal system and much much more.  All of this allows your body to innately know what you need and how to fix itself.

Your brain and its network called the nervous system.

Your brain and its network called the nervous system.

Your brain communicates with your body via a network of billions of fibers called your nervous system.  Many times throughout life you encounter stresses; physical, chemical, and emotional.  These stresses can cause stress and interference in your nervous system.  When there is stress on the nervous system, your brain can’t communicate with your body at 100% efficiency and your body cannot heal and function the way it is designed to.  Aka your brain is giving your body the silent treatment.

Let’s imagine your brain isn’t able to communicate with the rest of your body because of an interference somewhere in your nervous system.  How do you know that bile is being secreted by your gall bladder?  How do you know your lungs are providing you with the optimum amount of oxygen?  How do you know your heart is pumping as it should and not misfiring?  The point is that if you do have interference in your nervous system, your body will be affected even if you can't tell how at first.  Why wait till symptoms appear to find out?

Be Proactive About Your Health Instead Of Reactive

Chiropractic is founded on making sure the nervous system is working at 100% efficiency 100% of the time so that your body can heal and function properly.

So I ask you,
Is YOUR brain giving YOU the silent treatment?

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