Why Won't My Chiropractor Adjust Me?

If you have come to one of our workshops, then you probably know the answer.  But let’s refresh your memory just in case…

Chiropractors use objective findings such as x-rays, thermal scans, and palpation in order to determine exactly what needs to be done to make sure your nervous system is clear of any interference.  After that, they create a care plan to remove that interference.  In most cases, you will start to notice you’re coming in less and less often.  Then one day, the Doc doesn’t adjust you at all… Don’t be upset by this!  In fact, you should celebrate this!!!  But What Gives?

Just as someone can be adjusted to remove interference, one could also be adjusted (when they shouldn’t be) and end up leaving the office worse than when they came in.  The goal of the chiropractor is to remove any interference in your nervous system so that you can function and heal correctly… aka so that you can be healthy.  If you have no interference, you don’t want to be adjusted.

A medical doctor would not prescribe medicine if it was unnecessary.  Nor will a Chiropractor adjust you if it is unnecessary.

But what if you feel like you need an adjustment? 

Adjustments feel great.  No doubt about it.  It releases endorphins, increases proprioception (your brain’s awareness of your body), and can make you happy.  These are all great things but as we mentioned earlier, a Chiropractor’s goal is to remove any interference from your nervous system so that your body can function and heal correctly.  And to adjust you when it is unnecessary would only add interference to your nervous system. 

Why Won't My Chiropractor Adjust Me?

Trust your Chiropractor on this one.  You’ll be happy you did.

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