It's Not the Weather

Knees sore on Monday... Creaky back on Tuesday... Congested on Wednesday - there must be bad weather in the forecast. How many people do you know who attribute their aches and pains to what's going on outside, instead of trying to find and fix the real problem INSIDE?

When your body responds negatively to every change in environment, the problem isn't the weather – it’s likely you're breaking one or more of the cardinal rules of Health. Proper nourishment, full body motion, adequate rest and internal cleanliness aren't cliché health needs. Practicing these basic habits enables your body to thrive amid the stresses it experiences every day. Fail to eat right and your body won't resist the elements. Failure to move your joints fully can cause even the barometric pressure of weather to wear them down. Now you've become a victim of your environment, instead of being a master of your environment.

If weather was the real culprit of your aches and pains, wouldn't EVERYONE around you feel the same thing? We all share the same atmosphere!  Instead of blaming the elements, strengthen your nervous system, move your body and build up your innate ability to adapt to whatever mother nature throws your way.




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