Migraines and Your Neck: A Look at the Research

One billion people worldwide suffer from migraines, an extremely prevalent and debilitating condition.  Migraines are not simply a bad headache.  A migraine episode is a combination of neurologically-based symptoms that can cause nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and smell, and visual disturbances on top of head pain that can be severe.

For migraine sufferers, the focus on finding relief can be challenging.  There are a variety of treatment options ranging from various pills designed to either try to prevent an attack or halt one that's already begun, nasal sprays, patches, and injections.  Commonly, a person can cycle through many of these treatments without any success and potentially experience new health challenges due to unwanted side-effects of medications.

A Natural Solution for Migraine Sufferers

In one study, 101 patients with migraines and several other headache types, all diagnosed by their physicians, had tried many methods to find relief.  Upon specific examination, all 101 were determined to have evidence of upper cervical subluxation.  In other words, all 101 patients in the study all had an atlas (C1) or axis (C2) vertebra that had misaligned from its normal position.  These people were of all ages (5 to 77 years old) and had suffered with their condition for various lengths of time (from 1 to 57 years).

The results of the study show great promise for migraine sufferers.  Out of 101 patients, 85 reported that their headaches completely resolved 1 to 8 months after starting upper cervical care.  Another 12 reported that their condition had improved greatly, but occasional residual headaches occurred.  This is all accomplished using specific, properly applied upper cervical chiropractic adjustments without the need for medications, injections, and other procedures that can have undesirable side-effects.

If you are suffering with migraines and, like most of the people in the research study mentioned above, have "tried everything" to get some relief, then an evaluation of your upper cervical spine is the next logical step.  If there is a misalignment there, we can help you.





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