Playing with Stress

According to Dr. Hans Selye, the father of stress and disease theories, "'s not stress that kills, it's our reaction to it." In reality, your health is influenced more by your inability to manage the tensions of Life rather than avoiding them all together.  

 Our bodies take external stresses, (like financial fears, disagreements with family members or disappointments) and internalize them like a simmering fire that slowly consumes our health. Smaller flames can be managed if dealt with in healthful manners, like regularly exercising and meditating. But failure to address those smaller flames causes them to spread out of control... eventually burning down the most important structure you'll ever live in - your body. 

It's impossible to extinguish all the stress in your Life. Something negative in your outer environment will always be a danger to your internal one. The best you can do is to lessen the influence - and one great way is to keep your Nerve System strong and clear with regular chiropractic care to avoid getting burned.


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