Toxins and Tumbles and Thoughts

In this classic scene in The Wizard of Oz we find Dorothy, Toto, Tin Man and Scarecrow nervously walking through the forest on the lookout for the three terrible threats conjured up in their minds - lions and tigers and bears, oh my...  In Chiropractic, the three big threats we warn patients about (the big three that cause Subluxations) are physical trauma, chemical trauma and auto-suggestion (thought) trauma. Toxins and tumbles and thoughts, oh my!

According to the founder of Chiropractic, DD Palmer, approximately 20% of nervous system interference can be attributed to physical injuries or poisons from outside the body... like a slip, fall or overdose.  The remaining 80% can be traced back to persistent negative emotions, feelings, or self-talk that literally create tension in your muscles, pull vertebrae out of alignment and freeze your nerve system in its tracks - rendering you stiff like a Tin Man, foggy brained like a Scarecrow and overly sensitive like a Cowardly Lion.

A Chiropractor can locate your Subluxations, restore normal spinal alignment and reduce nerve interference when necessary. But it's your responsibility to;  1. Be cognizant when any of the big three "T's" attack and 2. Get adjusted ASAP so worse problems don’t manifest. Doing this can keep you and your loved ones on the yellow brick road of health.


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