Yo-Yo Chiropractic

You start a diet, lose 15 lbs, then quit & then gain the weight back, plus five extra pounds.  When it’s time to fit into that bathing suit, the process will repeat itself.  Yo-yo dieting is transient and event based - not lifestyle based, thus the results are always fleeting. 

Yo-Yo Chiropractic adjustments work the same way.  Pain based clients neglect themselves into a health crisis. They start some chiropractic care to address it and once they get results, quit... thus resulting in the problem coming back, plus a few extra aches down the road.  When the flair ups interfere with their life, they run back to the chiropractor for another round of ‘pain-loss’ care.  But like yo-yo dieting, the results of on again - off again chiropractic are fleeting because a commitment has yet to be made. 

It’s obvious, actively engaging in healthy routines (like clearing nerve stress from your spine on a regular basis) is better for your overall health than living crisis to crisis.  Not to mention, it’s cheaper on your pocketbook.  Keeping your spine in optimal shape is not an event - it’s a Lifestyle. 


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