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As you know, most chiropractors focus on reducing muscular tension, increasing range of motion, and providing temporary relief of pain. 

While that is all well and good, at Agape Family Chiropractic we take things a step further. 

We focus on your Nervous System's Function in order for people to discover their God given health.

Dr. Max and his wife Alicia.

Dr. Max and his wife Alicia.

Why do we focus on the Nervous System?

Your nervous system is the most important and vital organ in your entire body.  It consists of your brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves which connect every cell in your body to your brain.  The nervous system controls everything from your movements, immune system, heart, lungs, digestive system, and even your reproductive system.  When all of the components in your nervous system are working together properly, you are able to express your full health.  Unfortunately, throughout life and even at birth, we can experience stress on the nervous system which can cause damage and interference.  When there is interference in your body, it cannot function or heal properly.  That is where a chiropractor can help. At Agape Family Chiropractic we are here to help with any symptoms you may have, but more importantly, we want to make sure your nervous system is free of any interference.

How can you tell if your Nervous System has any interference?

The first step is to schedule an appointment today! During your initial appointment, we will perform a history, specific exams, as well as a state of the art thermographic upper cervical (neck) scan to get a baseline measure on the function of your nervous system.  In most cases, we will perform a series of in house digital x-rays to further guide your care.  

Many times, nerve interference will cause symptoms such as back or neck pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, and much more. However, you may not experience any of these symptoms and still have nerve interference. If your nervous system is not functioning at 100%, then your health cannot be 100%.  When your nervous system is functioning at 100%, your body can function and heal properly.  That is why it is important to be checked by a chiropractor and learn if your nervous system has any interference regardless of your symptoms.


Our mission is to allow your body to naturally prevent and heal disease, allowing you to carry out your life's mission.

At Agape Family Chiropractic we use specific, scientific, upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to unveil the innate potential of your body.  We utilize detailed evaluations and techniques to correct the cause, not only its effects. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics, integrity, professionalism and performance and are here to proudly serve you and your family.

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