Stretches, Exercises, and Massage for Headaches and Migraines

All these things are great for headaches and can really help you get some relief... but we do suggest seeing a chiropractor (specifically upper cervical) to check for any larger underlying issues.

Stretches - 0:35 into video

Sit Tall, Good Posture, Breathe Into Belly
Shoulder Rolls Forward & Back
Neck Rolls Both Directions
Ear to Shoulder
Ear to Chest
Nose to Pit
Chest & Back Stretch

Exercises - 3:40 into video

Isometric Holds
(Flexion, Extension, L&R Rotation, L&R Ear to Shoulder)
Bruegger’s Exercise
Lying Chin Tucks
Acupressure Point

Massage - 6:13 into video

Temple Muscles, Over Ear, Behind Ear
Jaw Muscles
Under Chin
Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)
Outside Sub-Occipitals
Knuckle Under Ear
Lightly Massage Forehead & Face
Massage Ear
Deep Breath, Sit Up Tall
Acupressure Point