Agape Family Chiropractic
New Patient Orientation

Eureka, MO

Please watch the video below before your next visit or arrive to your next visit early and we will play it for you in the office. 
We will have some questions for you at your next visit to make sure you learned the most important parts. 
So, sit back and enjoy with your spouse, friend, or loved one!

Personal message from the doctor:

We realize many of you come to our office for treatment of symptoms.  However, it is important for you to understand, from the start, that chiropractors do not treat your symptoms.  Instead, we are interested in correcting the cause, not treating the effect.  If the cause is corrected, your symptoms should naturally take care of themselves.  In many instances, the cause is a spinal misalignment (subluxation).  Our responsibility is to adjust your spine and have you leave the office with as little subluxations as possible after each visit.  This allows your body’s innate intelligence to begin the healing process.  Many people experience better physical, as well as mental healing.  As chiropractors, we recognize that only your body’s innate intelligence heals, not outside factors.  That is the huge philosophical difference that separates chiropractors from medicine.

To learn more about how to hold your adjustments longer and begin healing faster read our blog: 
How to Hold Your Adjustment Longer and Heal Better.


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