Eureka Chiropractor Reviews

I just moved to the area and was looking for a reliable chiropractor in town. I had been given some recommendations to other offices but was drawn to Agape after reading an article about it in the local newspaper. I was lucky to have come in. Care is effective. The atmosphere is both professional and zen.
— Angie G.

My background was that I was in the military for 18 years, but unfortunately for me my career was cut short by my last deployment, and had to be medically retired. With that and other issues when I finally got settled to a civilian life needed to get the care for me to extend my mind and body for my wife and son. So when I got information about going to Agape for my chiropractic I wanted to try it out. First impression was that they were very nice and knowledgable in the profession. Got x-rayed to get the right care and was told on my way on feeling better. They have single rooms and open bay plus a resting area for after your adjustment can feel the full relaxation with sound effects and water running. For me my drive is somewhat long to get there but that is where my geographic location is, but is it worth the drive heck yes. The atmosphere there is relaxing as is with the nice people ,so yes I would recommend a try for yourself and others ,as you never know what it might bring. I would say give them a try , and see for yourself that you can feel better. Thanks
— Taz M.

I have seen Dr. Orris for two visits now and am very satisfied with the results that I saw. I have seen a chiropractor before and was surprised how nice he was and how down to earth he was when he spoke with me. His adjustment felt comfortable and was efficient. I highly recommend Agape Chiropractic to anyone who would like to improve their health through chiropractic.
— Shawn M.

Ken to our office with neck pain. He was not able to turn his head left or right. He had tried medicine from the doctor for arthritis but never found the relief he needed. After his first visit, he had amazing results and continues to get even better.

5 min after my first adjustment my constant 2 month straight headache was gone! I’ve been under chiropractic care in the past as well as working as a chiropractic assistant for many years and he is still the most knowledgeable chiropractor I have ever encountered.
— Kelli D.

Suzanne had a sudden onset of Bell's Palsy. She had it bad enough that she was unable to drink through a straw without the liquids running all over her. She came to us a few days after the onset. Within a week she had gained most the control of her face back and was able to drink through a straw again.

As a golfer trying to squeak out a few extra yards in a friendly weekend competition, I sometimes overswing in an attempt to bomb one down the fairway past my opponent’s ball, despite my golf instructor telling me to keep a nice easy tempo. The next day my neck and shoulders are paying the price. A simple adjustment by Dr. Orris had me pain free and swinging easy again.
— Pat M.

I have visited Max for Chiropractic adjustments over the past few months and he has been phenomenal with the improvements in my back pain. His office has updated hi-tech equipment for X-rays and back scanning. Alicia and Max are very welcoming and his office is very clean and organized. It’s a great place to go for all your chiropractic needs. I highly recommend seeing Max if you have any questions about chiropractic care.
— Robert A.